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  • sdsdssss Parveen Saeed, Khana Ghar Welfare Association

    I would like to share my emotions my feelings that pushed me to stand for Khana Ghar Welfare Association. I my self belong to a poor family and i have seen & feel hunger very closely when a kid come to my House and knocked the door and ask for the food. what i did i offered him my food and did not let him go hunger. few kids stand to come regularly and ask Khana milega i said yes and let them in .... today Al Hamdulillah not me but Khana Ghar Welfare Association serving 3500 people with food every day it was not me who did it alone, you all have supported me and gave me courage to stand for the cost.

  • ewer Director, Of Khana Ghar Welfare Association

    I always feel proud and admire the day efforts she has made to establish Khana Ghar Welfare Association . Today we are serving 3500 people every day but it was started by 4 to 5 people this true that 3 rupes can never repay the cost of food that we are charging so let it go fer free but its a matter of hunger dignity honor and respect let having food can effort wisely. It was the central idea that has liked me. Khana Ghar Welfare Association engaging more and more people every day and its a big effort to keep the system alive and smooth. i keep my self always stand to control the operational requirements. and closely look after the food arrangements and rashan distribution.

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